A Letter from Arianna Huffington
If you listen, you can hear the rustle of a movement coming to life in America -- a movement that will dramatically alter the conduct of the two major parties and bring about a new politics. This movement is about you, your neighbors, your friends and all those who have been denied a seat at the table of American politics. And make no mistake; the price we pay for our absence is high.

Poverty-Related Video Clips from Wednesday's Event
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Clip 2: Rev. Jim Wallis
Speaker: Jim Wallis, Call to Renewal, presents an overview of Poverty and the Wealth Gap

Clip 3: Chuck Collins
Speaker: Chuck Collins, United for a Fair Economy, on "The Problem"

Clip 4: Robert B. Reich
Panel: "The Problem", Robert Reich, former U.S. Secretary of Labor
Clip 5: Diana Jones-Wilson
Panel: "The Problem", Diana Jones-Wilson, North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center

Clip 6: Tyletha Samuels
Panel: "The Problem", Tyletha Samuels, Community Voices Heard

Clip 7: Ron Sider
Panel: "The Problem", Ron Sider, Evangelicals for Social Action

Clip 8: Carol Hemmingway
Panel: "The Problem", Carol Hemmingway, Director, New York ACORN

Clip 9: Robert B. Reich
Panel: "The Problem", Robert Reich, former U.S. Secretary of Labor

Clip 10: Jonathon Kozol
Panel: "The Problem", Jonathan Kozol, Author of "Amazing Grace"

Clip 11: Felice Gelt/Chuck Collins
Example: How Wealth is Distributed In this Country

Clip 12: Deepak Bhargava
Speaker: Deepak Bhargava, National Campaign for Jobs and Income Support, on Solutions That Work

Clip 13: Harold Dean Trulear
Panel: "Solutions", Harold Dean Trulear, Public/Private Ventures

Clip 14: Eugene Rivers
Panel: "Solutions", Eugene Rivers, National Ten Point Leadership Foundation

  Poverty Gap -- Sam Speaks Out
Net worth of the average American family has been dropping steadily in the past 20 years while the net worth of the richest has dramatically increased. America’s youth will be dramatically affected by this disparity. Listen to their voices on .

Shadow Convention Targets Poverty and the Wealth Gab in Wednesday Session
Following the smashing success of today's session on drug policy, the Shadow Convention tomorrow targets the alarming wealth gap of the new economy and the persistence of poverty in the midst of prosperity. The session, in Zellerbach Theater at the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg Center at 3680 Walnut Street in Philadelphia, begins Wednesday at 10 AM.

Poverty-Related Video Clips from Sunday's Event
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clip 5: Jim Wallis' speech
Speaker: Jim Wallis, Call to Renewal, with opening remarks on Poverty and the Wealth Gap

clip 6: Anteye film about Camden
Video: Poverty in Camden, NJ, through the eyes of young filmmakers

clip 7: Filmmakers on stage
Young filmakers of Anteye film about poverty in Camden, NJ

Paying a Living Wage Is Good For Business
"Choosing the High Road" shows why living wages are good for business, as well as workers and communities. The report, published by Responsible Wealth, is available on the web and in hard copy.

Poverty Day Schedule In Philadelphia
Schedule Now Available

Poverty and the Wealth Gap Mission Statement
America entered this third millennium on an unprecedented wave of prosperity. Yet, a soaring stock market and a new economy of electronic commerce that spurts out waves of new millionaires distort an ugly reality: the persistence of poverty in our nation. Even low unemployment rates mask the reality that too many lead lives of economic desperation. And, most disconcerting of all, one in five American children continue to fall between the cracks of our prosperity.

Divided Decade: Economic Disparity at the Century's Turn
Statistics: Poverty and the Wealth Gap

Along The Color Line: The Politics of Inequality
Manning Marable, AlterNet

The fundamental issue that will define U.S. politics in the first decade of the twenty-first century is the spiraling growth of inequality in American life. And although we have numerous statistics which document income statification and class polarization, these statistics don't reveal the growing class stratification that in many ways cuts across racial boundaries.

Tarnish on a New Guilded Age
Arianna Huffington
At the same time that Fed chairman Alan Greenspan is doing his level best to keep the bullet-train economy on track, increasing numbers of major news stories are appearing on the plight of the poor. Until recently, the poor were rendered all but invisible by the "permanent boom" of the '90s. But their stock has risen at the same time there are signs that the economy might be about to dip.

A Coalition of Power and Hope
William Julius Wilson
Ordinary people could bring about a more just society. But to do so, we have to work together. An interview with sociologist William Julius Wilson.

Do We Care Enough?
Ronald J. Sider

Generous Christians and other people of good will can end the scandal of poverty. But will we?

Hearts & Minds
Jim Wallis

"If Not Me, Who?" The Covenant to Overcome Poverty is as simple as it is potentially life-changing.

Who Is My Neighbor?: Economics As If Values Matter
Call to Renewal
Economics plays a crucial part in all of our lives. Yet few people realize the extent to which money separates and divides us, often in deceptive ways. This accessible study guide examines economic issues in a meaningful, user-friendly way. Explores how we can create structures that provide for all people. Contains an extensive directory of organizations, resources, and regional contacts. Nine sessions, 180 pages.

Disrobing the Wefare Queen
Nathan Tobin, Brat (AlterNet)

When young people think about welfare, they usually picture an urban-dwelling (frequently black) single mother of six sitting in front of the television. The last person most people would picture is my mother: a divorced, visually-impaired white mother of two, working and attending school to become a lawyer.

The Tragedy of "Sudden Wealth Syndrome"
Jim Hightower, AlterNet

You've seen the ads pleading for your donations to help save children who live in poverty; ads featuring sad-eyed, malnourished waifs that just tug at your heart. Well, if you really want your heart strings plucked, wait 'til you hear about the tribulations of little Jeffrey, Lisa, and Alexa. Their problem is: They're rich.

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