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The complete speech transcript for the War on Drug speeches are >130k so we decided to create an index for you so that you can easily explore the issues resulting from America's War on Drugs.

War on Drug Speeches fresh off the Press
The war on drugs is happening in our own cities, in our own streets. The war on drugs in effecting Americans: our right to vote, our right to freedom, and our right to due process, especially in the case of search and seizure. Before we cut up the text into bite-size morsels, we want to give you a sneak preview!

A Letter from Arianna Huffington
If you listen, you can hear the rustle of a movement coming to life in America -- a movement that will dramatically alter the conduct of the two major parties and bring about a new politics. This movement is about you, your neighbors, your friends and all those who have been denied a seat at the table of American politics. And make no mistake; the price we pay for our absence is high.

Let's Talk: Teens Talk About Drugs
Intimate video interview of an assortment of teenagers and their truthful and daring portrayal of their opinions and experiences of illicite drugs

  The War On Drugs -- Ahmad Speaks Out
This year, the government will spend nearly $40 billion on the War on Drugs. Prison statistics soar, while drugs are more available than they were 20 years ago. Hear our youth speak out about the War’s impact at .


Drug Policy-Related Video Clips
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clip 8: Rep. Tom Campbell (R-CA) Speech
Speaker: Representative Tom Campbell (R-CA) on the Failed War on Drugs

Drug Policy Day Schedule in Philadelphia
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Drug Policy Mission Statement
The Need For Drug Policy Reform: A Response To The Failed War On Drugs
We believe that our current drug policies are doing more harm than good.  We, and our children, deserve better. For decades federal, state and local governments have enacted and enforced drug control laws that focus largely on criminalization and punishment.  Every year these laws become more punitive and more costly.  Every day politicians endorse harsher drug war strategies.

Drug Policy Factsheet
By the Government's own standards, the Drug War has failed.

The Drug War's Unequal Justice
Arianna Huffington
Throughout the 20th century, which saw more than its share of inhumanity, the most common excuse about why such things were allowed to happen was ``We didn't know.'' Well, after the report that Human Rights Watch released Thursday (June 8), we will no longer be able to use ignorance to shield us from the reality of the racial injustice being perpetrated every day in America in the name of the drug war -- completely ignored by national political leaders and barely acknowledged by the media.

Don't Get Carried Away
Ethan Nadelmann
"So you want to legalize drugs, right?" That's the first question I'm typically asked when I start talking about drug policy reform. My short answer is, marijuana, maybe. But I'm not suggesting we make heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine available the way we do alcohol and cigarettes. What am I recommending?

Further Reading
The Lindesmith Center - Drug Policy Institute
Impact of the War on Drugs on families, civil liberties, economic costs, health, youth, racial disparity. Articles, audio files and links to organizations

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