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Index of War on Drugs Speeches
The complete speech transcript for the War on Drug speeches are >130k so we decided to create an index for you so that you can easily explore the issues resulting from America's War on Drugs.

War on Drug Speeches fresh off the Press
The war on drugs is happening in our own cities, in our own streets. The war on drugs in effecting Americans: our right to vote, our right to freedom, and our right to due process, especially in the case of search and seizure. Before we cut up the text into bite-size morsels, we want to give you a sneak preview!

Shadow Convention Coverage Continues
The race is not over. The issues have not just gone away. The election has not yet been decided. Come explore the site. We offer biographies of the strongest voices in our country; we offer video and audio coverage of both of the Shadow Conventions, East and West, Philly and LA; we explore the important issues: Campaign Finance Reform, Drug Policy, Poverty, as well as a collection of all the speeches, from the Reverend Jesse Jackson to Al Franken and everybody in-between. Plus, keep an eye on this site and we will be updating it with some cool new events happening on the Shadow Convention 2000.

A Letter from Arianna Huffington
If you listen, you can hear the rustle of a movement coming to life in America -- a movement that will dramatically alter the conduct of the two major parties and bring about a new politics. This movement is about you, your neighbors, your friends and all those who have been denied a seat at the table of American politics. And make no mistake; the price we pay for our absence is high.

Shadow Speech by Former Senator Gary Hart
"America today is a republic. But it's a republic in name only. We the people have permitted our sovereignty to be taken from us. We've permitted the legalization of corruption. And we've permitted ourselves to be dominated by a political process that serves the interests of the powerful, the influential, and the connected. "

Speech by Eric Sterling in Philadelphia
What America has been doing to fight drugs is a monumental failure, and the American people know that.

Shadow Convention on
"And at Patriotic Hall where the Shadow Convention had met simultaneously with the Democratic gathering at Staples Center, and where the burgeoning Independent Media Center had set up shop, erstwhile Dead Kennedys singer Jello Biafra joined professional activist and California state Sen. Tom Hayden and others in a wrap-up forum that was aired by Pacifica Radio Network's "Democracy Now" program. Biafra's conclusion was actually a rather conventional one, shared, pollsters tell us, by legions of Americans nationwide: You can't trust Gore."

Shadow Convention 2000 Wrap-Up
The impassioned speeches and the thought-provoking panel discussions may have ended but the Shadow Conventions continue to have an impact -- both on the media's coverage of our three core issues, and on the tone and nature of our national political conversation. The Shadow Conventions captured a moment by articulating an unexpressed dissatisfaction that both presidential campaigns had missed. Since Al Gore's acceptance speech, a lot has been made of the unexpected appeal of his populist message "during such times of prosperity". Well, it may have surprised the political establishment but this assumption was at the very heart of why we organized the Shadow Conventions.

Shadow Convention 2000: It's a Success!
The conventions might be over, but rocking the boat is only the beginning! Please explore the wealth that has been culled throughout the Philadelphia and Los Angeles Shadow Conventions. From full text transcripts to video highlights -- its like having been there. This is not your father's political convention.

Los Angeles Thursday Video Highlights Available
Highlight clips from Thursday's events available for viewing.

Los Angeles Wednesday Video Highlights Available
Highlight clips from Wednesday's events available for viewing.

Shadow Convention Speech Transcripts
Come and explore a long list of Shadow Convention 2000 speeches in written, audio, and video formats so that you could well have been here!

Discuss the L.A. Shadow Convention
Make your voice heard in the official Shadow Conventions online discussion forum! Hosted by CafГ© Utne, Utne Reader's Webby Award-winning discussion community, the Shadow Conventions online conference lets you interact directly with the featured speakers and conveners. Join other users and share your stories and opinions on big money politics, poverty and inequality, and the failed drug war.

LA 2000: The Democratic Delegates Guide
From The official guide to making the most of the big show. Features a welcome letter from Steven Spielberg, a map of what's where in the Staples Center (turn left at the Buddhist monk skybox), and a list of the few convention moments worth leaving the Viper Room for.

Los Angeles Tuesday Video Highlights Available
Highlight clips from Tuesday's events available for viewing.

Los Angeles Sunday Video Highlights Available
Highlight clips from Sunday's events available for viewing.

Los Angeles Monday Video Highlights Available
Highlight clips from Monday's events available for viewing.

Shadow Convention Exposing Growing Rift Within Democratic Party During "Prosperity and Progress" Day at Democratic National Convention
L.A. Mayoral Candidate Antonio Villaraigosa Blasts Poverty and War on Drugs as "Immoral" Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-Il) and Other Democrats Speak Out Against Poverty and the "Locked-Out" Democratic Convention on First Day of Shadow Conventions Los Angeles -- Former Speaker of the California Assembly and L.A. mayoral candidate Antonio Villaraigosa sharply criticized America's growing economic inequality and the impact of the war on drugs on minority communities.

Full Audio Transcript of Sunday's Event Available
Enjoy the full audio transcript of yesterday's Los Angeles Shadow Convention. (Requires ) All streaming media provided by RealImpact, a Project of RealNetworks.

On Democrats' Day Of Self-Congratulation, Shadow Convention Focuses On The Other America
The Shadow Convention presents the Other America. A powerful line-up of political leaders, spiritual leaders, members of affected communities and policy experts will discuss the persistence of poverty in the midst of our vaunted prosperity and the alarming wealth gap generated by the new economy. This Shadow Convention session begins at 10 AM at Patriotic Hall, 1816 So. Figueroa Street in Los Angeles, just five blocks south of the Staples Center.

Feingold Calls For Halt To Special Interest Money Events At Convention
Feingold told the opening night assembly of Shadow Convention L.A. at the Patriotic Hall in downtown Los Angeles that the upcoming Democratic convention will join the lately concluded Republican convention as "the worst display of money and corruption in American history."

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